We here at Ideastack provide the best in class web facilitating managed wordpress hosting that would help you in efficient website creation. WordPress is an open-sourced platform that assists you to establish your site from even a small personal blog to a huge commercial site. With our beneficial wordpress hosting, you can be reliant and burden free about complications relating consistent redesigns and specialized changes. WordPress hosting is considered to be highly convinient with its fast service of customizing your website. Ideastack provides you high-level of speed with utmost security which you can’t get from a standard web hosting arrangement.


Our Pricing Plan


Starting At ₹ 2117/m

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  • Domains/WP Installs 1
  • Memory 1 GB
  • Total Storage 20 GB
  • Backup Storage 10 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth 2.0 TB
  • Daily Traffic 10,000


Starting At ₹ 3675/m

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  • Domains/WP Installs 2+
  • Memory 2 GB
  • Total Storage 40 GB
  • Backup Storage 20 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth 3.0 TB
  • Daily Traffic 20,000


Starting At ₹ 7425/m

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  • Domains/WP Installs 5+
  • Memory 4 GB
  • Total Storage 80 GB
  • Backup Storage 40 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth 4.0 TB
  • Daily Traffic 85,000


Starting At ₹ 11,175/m

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  • Domains/WP Installs 5+
  • Memory 8 GB
  • Total Storage 160 GB
  • Backup Storage 80 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth 6.0 TB
  • Daily Traffic 300,000


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Tough Security

We implement network level hardware level and application level security to ensure safety of your site

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Best choice of resources

We use branded latest hardware for all our servers and network equipment.we use latest version patched software to avoid server hacks and vulnerabilities.

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Get cutting edge WordPress hosting with our full-time research staff and dedicated support team.

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24/7 certified support

Get 24/7 support from our expert team which is always ready to help you when you need it.

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We have hosted 1000+ wordpress sites and our support staff is equipped to solve all your problems

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Blazing Speed

Get amazing speed with our all SSD servers

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