Choose Your Best Window VPS Hosting Plans

CPUMemoryDiskSpaceBandwidthLiveSupportLocationTotal PriceOrderOption
1 core1 GB30 GB 1 TB24/7India/USA₹ 1125orderNow
1 core2 GB50 GB1 TB24/7India/USA₹ 1500orderNow
2 core4 GB100 GB2 TB24/7India/USA₹ 1875orderNow
2 core4 GB120 GB2 TB24/7India/USA₹ 2250orderNow
2 core8 GB150 GB2 TB24/7India/USA₹ 2625orderNow
2 core12 GB175 GB2 TB24/7India/USA₹ 3375orderNow
4 core16 GB200 GB2 TB24/7India/USA₹ 3750orderNow

Overview On Windows VPS

Looking for an ideal VPS solution? Your search ends here as Windows VPS solutions have proven to be one of the best VPS solution among its competition. It is developed by Microsoft and is solid with its functions, OS and other features. Windows VPS is probably known as one of the most secured VPS solution. It is also capable to be scalable to all your growing needs. Our VPS solutions can mould according to what your requirements are and can function accordingly.You also get added features of Ideastack solutions with topmost services and performance. You are assured with all the security measures and all your issues are managed firmly. Customers have developed trust on our services because of our dedicated performance and minimal chance of any glitches arising. This is the reason why we are one of the leading brands in this Industry and areconsidered worldwide for our web hosting solutions.

windows operating system

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Windows Server 2012

This version of operating system was designed to enable fast start –up with having Windows OS feel with a new “metro” design system interference developed on the ground up with touch screen use in mind.

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Windows Server 2016

This operating system came up with all advancements relating to built-in security, start-up and resume featuring Microsoft edge and Microsoft’s new browser. It also had followed a “technical preview” beta release in the operating system.

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Windows Server 2008

It is a server produced and promoted by Microsoft Company focusing on windows vista kernel with version6.0, built 6001 released with interesting functions, efficient tools and innovative security features.

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Windows Server 2010

It was the successor windows vista with windows server R2 including features of multi-touch support, Internet explorer 8, improved performance, start-up time, with improved security and media center.

Windows VPS Features

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Fully Managed

We provide highly efficient services of our managed VPS hosting with proper concern about your requirements and proper guidelines helping you to do your functioning without any Hindrance.

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Easy To Use

We try to minimize complications and reduce burden on our customers as we want our customers to be satisfied with their main line of work. We try to frame easy steps regarding setup or performing any action.

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Plesk panel

Plesk is form of a control panel for servers which are considered to be one of the most multi-functional control panels. It has extended boundaries and limitations with its performance of managing the resources on server.

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24/7 Support Online

We have a team of trained professionals and experienced technicians at your service 24/7 online for any issues arising. Your problems would be our first priority.

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99.9% server Uptime

Reliability is the most important thing you care for your website and for this we ensure to provide 99.9% uptime for your website with expert system admins keeping your servers running at its peak.

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Website panel

We provide the best means of a website panel to manage your servers and hosted services. Our website panels assists you better web-based interface functioning along with better performance and mere chances of any failures.

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