We offer you highly flexible and completely scalable magento hosting using Zend PHP and MySQL databases. It has a diverse range of control options which helps in commercialising the business purposes. You can enjoy many of our features like having option of creating own user accounts, track shipping history, contact you through customer forums, chooses different languages and currencies to fit and adapt according to the needs of the customers. It assists you to use marketing promo tools like organising price promotions , using coupon codes, etc. Along with that it also allows you to integrate magento with google analytics account to assess customer feedback and customer behaviour on your website.

Our Pricing Plan



Starting At ₹ 2175/M

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  • Domains/Magento Installs 1
  • Memory 1 GB
  • Total Storage 20 GB
  • Backup Storage 10 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth 2.0 TB
  • Daily Traffic 10,000


Starting At ₹ 3675/M

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  • Domains/Magento Installs 2+
  • Memory 2 GB
  • Total Storage 40 GB
  • Backup Storage 20 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth 3.0 TB
  • Daily Traffic 20,000


Starting At ₹ 7425/M

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  • Domains/Magento Installs 5+
  • Memory 4 GB
  • Total Storage 80 GB
  • Backup Storage 40 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth 4.0 TB
  • Daily Traffic 85,000


Starting At ₹ 11,175/M

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  • Domains/Magento Installs 5+
  • Memory 8 GB
  • Total Storage 160 GB
  • Backup Storage 80 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth 6.0 TB
  • Daily Traffic 300,000

Magento Hosting Features

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24/7 certified support

Get 24/7 support from our expert team which is always ready to help you when you need it

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Get Fast, secure and scalable Magento hosting with best in class architecture and highly redundant systems .

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We have hosted 1000+ magento sites and our support staff is equipped to solve all your problems

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Blazing Speed

Get amazing speed with our all SSD servers

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Get cutting edge Magento hosting with our full-time research staff and dedicated support team.

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Tough Security

We implement network level hardware level and application level security to ensure safety of your site

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