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The amount of data interpreted and accessed while having a view on the website refers to as Bandwidth. Bandwidth is that transfer of data which when a user views a website and initiates data to be transferred. Bandwidth consists of all data like images, audio files, video files, texts and many more other data related things.

Disk space refers to the space available to save and store files of the user. Files here could be of any type like videos, images, HTML etc. It is not possible for a file size to exceed the disk space. The reasons are mainly dependent on the types of file size and interactions a particular user wants to have in its site. IF you have large files to be stored, then it will increase the need of increasing disk space needs.

With the help of third parties like Google Analytics and stat counter, one can find out the ways of determining how many peoples have visited to your website. We provide easy ways to incorporate these tools into your website and help you in setting up everything. To have regular improvements, the businesses should have these traffic controlling tools on every single page of a site and regularly analyze the data installed

As We know that hackers are all around influencing fair practices by hacking data which could lead to non-protection of data , hence asking for a rise in protection for the data and installation of various levels of protection. But here in IDEASTACK we ensure our customers that the data saved will be secure and protected from hackers and spammers. As being a webhost we provide SLS security to our customers.

When it comes to website owning, one of the first questions you’ll probably ask is “How much bandwidth should my website have?” The answer for this depends mainly on how much of the size you’ll acquire with your data and the number of page views you expect to have per month or per year. It’s very important to determine the amount of Bandwidth required as it could be the possibility of file sizes exceeding Bandwidth causing your visitors to leave when your pages fails to load. We advise you better bandwidth options keeping in mind your requirements.

Web servers are considered to be the modular pieces of software as they are believe to get customized for loading a particular module for a particular function. We provide LINUX server module which is a modular component of the server stack. Many of these modular components have a chance of getting loaded automatically.

Cloud computing in providing cloud service is a kind of technology which is used by various businesses and companies to save money and be efficient on Infrastructure and human resource costs. It supports cloud storage services. Some of the examples of it could be SaaS (Software as a service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (Platform as a service). It provides networking, data storage and computing resources over internet making various Business and consumers to access or use for whatever need they require.

URL refers to uniform resource locator which is an Internet address consisting of an access protocol (http), domain name, and optionally a path showing a file where the domain name resides. It is basically an address which identifies a particular file searched on the internet. For Example –https://www.ideastack.com/

Yes, it is possible to have cheap hosting plans to setup an online store and make money as web hosting also gives a platform for ecommerce services. There are various plans listed on our site (www.ideastack.com) classified into levels based on the requirements which would support your site to perform business online. There are not any certain hidden costs but yes if your data and information exceeds the limit space of the website, than additional charges could be asked.

Yes we’ll help your account to get migrated from Shared hosting to business hosting or from business hosting to shared hosting with upgradation to a different server and our team will work hard to do this in a convenient time with minimal downtime.

As we know that backing up is the most important service of webhosts considering data to be the most important component of any website. We here in IDEASTACK have a very important concern on this and we try to realize and analyse your data first and foremost. Then we frame certain backup service according to those needs. We often have phrased some basic principles that we follow looking back up as a service, such as:- •Our aim is to ensure you a quality service leading your technicians, IT team and other members to be relieved on this important service as we assure you that your data is safe with us. •Ideastack is wholly responsible for backup success (with a contracted SLA) •According to the contract, IDEASTACK is wholly responsible for your data backup success. •You’ll get a specialized service and be liable for what you use i.e. you pay for what you use. Our team will be available 24/7 for you to provide backup facility and answer all your queries satisfyingly.




DNS refers to Domain name system which translates or converts between Internet domain and hostnames to IP addresses and vice versa. When we type or search the names on the web browser, It addresses bar to the IP addresses of web server on which your website is operating, this makes the DNS automatically Convert between the names we type on the web browser. Home networks usually have DNS used for accessing the internet but do not use for managing the names of Home networks.